Liquor and tobacco retailers and their close allies represented El Sobrante Sikh sangat at National Sikh Campaign

Small gang of liquor and tobacco retailers (self declared El Sobrante Sikh sangat leaders) and number of their key supporters attended National Sikh Campaign #Sikhawerness in San Francisco on Feb 21, 2016


(First from left) Surinderjeet Bajwa constantly amending bylaws to stay in power until his bluff was called off by the court. Now he wants to reinvent bylaws with the help of his bylaw violator Khak.

(Second from left) Harjap Chouhan, liquor and tobacco retailer, whom many people believe to have pocketed thousands of dollars for construction at gurughar. Harjap has been cited (ex. citation 1, citation 2 found on google) several times by California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for selling alcohol to minors. Harjap has also been subject of investigation by California State Board of Equalization for  unreported sales of goods sold at his store(s).  (Click here to for more information )

(Center) Kulwant Singh president of illegal pc who spent $218,000 without sangat approval

(Forth from left) Charnjit Samra a baptised Sikh who runs smoke shop in San Francisco and signed major portion of illegal checks to defend the illegal committee.

(Fifth from left) Mr. Balbir Khak new SC member who is proposed Bajwa to change bylaws to make room for their entry into new PC.



(First from left) Darshan Mann who was the jathedar of SC who illegally declared the PC in 2012.

(Second from left) Ravi Randhawa who coordinated the by law misuse defense of illegal committee in 2012-13. Mr. Randhawa is also a tobacco retailer according to the city of El Cerrito. (View El Cerrito tobacco retailers list)

What can these pseudo/self-serving leaders offer to National Sikh Campaign efforts when they fail to even follow basics of Sikhism. These self-serving/egocentric community leaders  failed to follow their own written by-laws and created handpicked  illegal committee made up of liquor consumers and smoke shop owners in 2012 and spent over $218,000 of Sangat donated money to keep their their control on El Sobrante Gurdwara (for the motives you can guess).

These individuals are no leaders but opportunists who constantly divide sangat to keep their grip on gurdwara fiances while offering any transparency.


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