Video: Gurdwara El Sobrante 2013 Court Case Update

Illegally selected Gurdwara committee (ignoring the El Sobrante Gurdwara bylaws) has lost the court case.
Sangat wins!!!

This video explores the role Surinderjit (Jeet) Bajwa played in the outcome of Gurdwara court case’s ruling.

Please note that Jeet bajwa is responsible for making many changes to gurdwara by-laws in past few years. Many believe such changes weakened the bylaws and introduced many loopholes that allowed few select group of people to control the gurdwara in the past till present.

Click here to download the Gurudwara Court Decision (pdf)


9 thoughts on “Video: Gurdwara El Sobrante 2013 Court Case Update

  1. People who want to serve the Lord in realty do not indulge themselves in committees. The new committe of Gurudwara El Sobrante is equally evil. They just want fame. Ask them do they even do simran?

  2. I am from Canada visiting Gurdwara sahib here. I am ashamed of your photos of President and other members, you displayed on internet. You are so insane people without having a working mind to think that you are showing the entire world your sikhi standard. this is getting yourself naked. let us prey to Waheguru JI to bless you guys SUMAT

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